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We started helping people by giving them food, water and just visiting and assuring they wasn't alone in this emergency and now we are in the rebuilding stage! 

Next we will start the teaching how to be better prepared in case of another natural event. By teaching how to make their owe solar system , collect rain water and make it safe to use and learn how to make have our own supply of home grown food!

Comenzamos llevando comida, agua y hasta simplemente visitando y asegurandoles que no estaban solos en esta emergencia y ahora estamos en la fase de reconstruccion!

Proximamente comenzaremos a dar clases de como hacer nuestro propio systema solar, como con agua de Lluvia la podemos hacer potable y como hacer nuestro propio sembraderos para poder alimentarnos en caso de otro desastre natural!



We are Committed

Somos Comprometidos

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

Amamos cada adventura que vivimos con cada caso!


Te ayudamos a obtener tu hogar de nuevo,

We help you rebuld you home again.


We are a group of a non-profit organization who decided to get together so we can reach and empower more people!

Somos un grupo se organizaciones sin fines de lucro que decidieron unirse para poder ayudar y llegar a mas personas!

We are in need of a food Pantry and we are doing our part with donors that are more than happy to chip in and make this possible, For the local that also would like to make a difference every time you visit the store buy to or three things extra and give al our warehouse every Wednesday after 10.00 am. you will be blessed.

Or donate Paypal: [email protected] it will be deposited directly to the church or ATH Movil to 787-347-1119. Many blessings


We love to help you rebuild your home!

Nos facina ayudarlos a reconstruir sus hogares de nuevo!

New Dawn

     Puerto Rico                    

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